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Bentley has just unveiled its most powerful production model ever in the form of a new four-seater dubbed the “Continental Supersports.” As always, the new vehicle touted as “the pinnacle grand tourer” features Bentley’s classic aesthetic of luxury and refined elegance, with details such as Bentley’s legendary grill and logo heading the front.

The new Continental Supersports also features the fastest acceleration out of any Bentley ever at 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds, and boasts an incredible top speed of 336 km/hour. Another interesting technical detail is the W12 engine that was specifically redesigned for the Supersports with new engine hardware and high-performance turbos, while other features such as an enhanced torque figure of 1,017 Nm (750 lb. ft.) help the car to accelerate from standstill even more rapidly.

The new Bentley Continental Supersports is offered as both a coupe and convertible.

Words by Marcus Cho
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