In our latest video series with Braun, we present seven style experts from seven dynamic cities, each with a unique voice and perspective on fashion. With years of industry experience, their networks are vast, and they each introduce us to three inspiring men from different age and professional groups who represent their city.

A city’s style can’t be captured in a single outfit, represented by an individual designer or embodied by any one fashionista. Fashion Capitals’ reputations are built on diversity and variety; only by examining the bigger picture and a broad spectrum of individuals can we begin to create an image that represents that place.

Braun’s new range offers precise tools that enable men to represent their city by defining their individual looks and letting their style out. These individuals offer style insights that inspire and suit everyone; they are the experimental Undergrads, the creative Young Professionals and the successful Executives.

First up we headed to Paris to meet photographer Mathieu Vilasco who described the city as a cultural melting pot, an endlessly inspiring place with a vast fashion history. “Paris is a magical city,” he explained. “We should be more focused on opening our eyes and looking around.”

Vilasco’s initial interest in photography was sparked by shooting friends and graffiti artists. His keen eye for detail eventually got him a gig backstage at Paris Fashion Week and not long after he transitioned into shooting fashion editorials. He has remained self-taught throughout his career and dislikes shooting digital, “I prefer to shoot on analog, there’s more character, and even try to push it when shooting for brands.” He described his photography style as spontaneous, loving the creative freedom inherent in his field and its unpredictable nature.

Having once been a graffiti artist himself, Vilasco continues to draw and paint; it’s no surprise that if he wasn’t a photographer, he said he’d be an artisan, working with his hands. He advised developing photographers to shoot because they love to shoot and not for recognition. “Instagram following can be important, but it shouldn’t define the way you take pictures,” he continued, “A small audience that you connect with is far more valuable than a large following who don’t care.”

After a quick chat, Mathieu Vilasco introduced us to three important people representing Paris fashion — Mouris, Emmanuel and Fabien. These individuals form a style collective that embodies Mathieu’s definition of style, “it’s your personality, be yourself and showcase it to the world.” Check out Vilasco’s style insights inspired by the three Parisians below and watch the video at the top of the page.

The Undergrad

Name: Mouris
Age: 23

“Paris’s undergrads are crazy about the style. They’re always looking for new ways to express themselves, and they do what they want. Maurice studies fashion and is very aware of new trends. Understanding fashion history and interested in old collections, he combines old and new to create a unique look. He keeps his facial hair closely trimmed, adding to his youthful appearance.”

The Young Professional

Name: Emmanuel
Age: 32

“The Young Professionals are more focused and beginning to understand what they want from their personal style. Immanuel works at a fashion store in Paris but is also a painter working from his own studio. Streetwear is his area of expertise having always been interested in graffiti and hip hop culture. He appreciates quality and combines streetwear with Japanese influenced designs; this contrast creates a statement look, as does his unique mustache.”

The Executive

Name: Fabien
Age: 36

“Parisian Executives dress with purpose and personal understanding, they’re less experimental but know what goes into their clothing. Fabien works at Paris’s colette store; he appreciates timeless style, quality denim and labels inspired by Japan. He tends not to follow trends; instead, he’s interested in unique design details and quality pieces made to last.”

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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