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Are you an Apple fan that secretly wonders what life is like on the other side? Well, wonder no longer because there’s a new iPhone case dedicated to bringing you the best of both worlds.

Eye is a case for iPhones that is almost a whole android device in itself. It shares the same speaker, microphone and camera as your iPhone but has it’s own screen, NFC chip, IR blaster, and dual SIM and microSD slots — increasing your iPhone’s storage by up to 256GB.

The Eye case is essentially like having two phones — one on each side. In addition to the positives of being able to use both Android and Apple operating systems, Eye also has it’s own stand-alone battery, doubling your battery life.

If you like what you see, you can back Eye on Kickstarter for $95 (without 4G) or $129 (with 4G). The company behind the project, ESTI, hopes to ship out cases in August or September of this year.

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