Is Netflix Hosting Chance the Rapper’s ‘Magnificent Coloring World 2’?

Chance the Rapper’s ‘Magnificent Coloring World 2’ festival was only attended by a select group of fans this weekend, but speculation online is hinting to the event getting a lot more exposure. The much-hyped spectacle took place on Saturday, with tickets only given to his most committed fans. SoundCloud reported that his “top 0.001%” of his listening base were those who received an invitation to the highly clandestine event.

But the mysteriousness didn’t stop there. Those who attended took to Twitter to say that they were having their phones confiscated whilst the event took place, and that there were multiple events happening at the same time. Everyone who attended labelled the event “life changing” – but the most exciting takeaway is that there may have been Netflix cameras at the event.

This seems to correlate with Chance’s tweet on April 6, “I’m praying that I could just get one person from @netflix to come to Chicago for the next two days,” that we may well be getting a full Netflix film of MCW2 in the not-too distant future. Stay tuned!

Revisit Chance’s video for “Same Drugs” below.

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