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This week Apple has opened the doors to its new store in Dubai. Designed by Foster + Partners, the location’s 186-foot curved storefront and balcony overlook Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain, all while housing one of the world’s largest kinetic art installations.

The store resides on two floors inside of The Dubai Mall, as the kinetic art piece dubbed “Solar Wings” is the standout design element. During the day, the installation provides shade for the external terrace, then opening in the evening to award immaculate views of the waterside promenade. Each of the 18 engineered panels, which are constructed from carbon fiber, is in turn inspired by the motion of a falcon spreading its wings.

“The design of Apple Dubai Mall is about creating an exceptional architectural and social experience for visitors, bringing to the fore new ideas about the evolving role of apple flagships in the community,” said Stefan Behling, head of studio, Foster + Partners. “The opening and closing of these majestic solar wings is analogous to a delicate ballet recital — but on a monumental scale. In some ways it is a very spiritual experience, with the sun streaming through them and creating the most delicate and beautiful patterns of light and shade – a seamless blend of technology and culture.”

The aforementioned terrace features seating for customers to relax, as they are then surrounded by a series of trees set with planters. These planters rotate in order to ensure that the greenery receives enough sunlight.

“We view our stores as a modern-day town square, where visitors come to shop, be inspired, learn or connect with others in their community,” added Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president, retail. “And what better place to come together than overlooking Dubai’s epicenter, where the Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall meet. We are so honored to have a home at one of the world’s most incredible and dynamic intersections.”

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