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Could this bizarre contraption actually be the automobile of the future? One ambitious concept artist seems to think so.

Barcelona-based sketcher Omar Alfarra Zendah has unveiled his interpretation of a Tesla T1 Concept that will run at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 2030. State-of-the-art in just about every sense, the sci-fi vehicle generates power by using freestanding wheels with built-in vertical turbines to pull air through ducts and into a larger turbine at the rear of the car. According to Zendah, the system produces some 1,000kW of power — equivalent to more than 1,340 hp — which is hella mighty for a car that weighs only 900 kg.

Furthermore, both the front and rear axles can turn independently, allowing the wheelbase to shorten during cornering to make the T1 even more agile.

Head here for further information on the design.

Tesla was recently announced as the second-most valuable car company behind GM.

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