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Looking to wow the squad with a statement sneaker this summer? How about a $15,000 pair of vintage Apple kicks?

The relic shoes, which were produced exclusively for Apple employees in the ’90s, have been earmarked for sale by Heritage Auctions. Available in severely limited quantities, the mysterious footwear has rarely been photographed over the years.

Heritage Auctions says the shoes were manufactured by adidas, which checks out given they actually look pretty dope. In recent years, old-school Apple gear has been known to fetch eye-watering sums. Memorably, Drake reignited streetwear’s interest in the wares when he rocked a vintage Apple jacket at WWDC back in 2015.

Drake at Apple's WWDC in 2015
Getty Images

If you have a spare $15,000 burning a hole in your back pocket, look out for the eBay auction getting underway on June 11. That might not be enough, however, as forecasters expect the shoes to sell for closer to $30,000.

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