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Vanity Fair just released its August cover story with Serena Williams, which explores the timeline of the tennis star’s relationship with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In it, we get a glimpse into the pairs almost rom-com-esque meeting and courtship — white lies, trips to Paris and elaborate proposals included.

While the profile is gushing about Williams’s obviously impressive career, it’s slightly disappointing that the story focuses so much on Serena’s relationship and pregnancy and not on her game. It’s strange to write a profile on an athlete and focus so little on her career, especially when Williams has to fight so hard for people to actually recognize her for the champion she is — case in point, John McEnroe’s insulting comparisons between Williams and male tennis pro’s.

That said, Williams’s pregnancy story is particularly interesting. Shortly after the couple got engaged, Williams found out she was pregnant. She announced the pregnancy by handing Ohanian a bag full of positive pregnancy tests and the next week went on to win the Australian Open.

William’s surprise at the pregnancy is evident throughout the piece, as is her dedication to get back to the court. Her current plan is to return to the pro circuit by January, saying “I don’t think my story is over yet.”

See a selection of the Annie Leibovitz-shot cover shoot above, and read the article in full here.

In other news, stop making the gym a social experience.

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