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Since the events in Charlottesville, there have been numerous confederate monuments being taken down nationwide. Many people are speaking out, and thus trying to ban statues that reflect a darker and more segregated time in the U.S.

The most recent outspoken individual making headlines is Nathan Coflin, a Portsmouth, Virginia native that has started a petition through to take down a confederate monument that currently sits in the town square, and replace it with a statue of another Portsmouth native: legendary rapper Missy Elliott.  Nathan has been a longtime supporter of Missy and believes it is only right to honor someone from their hometown that has a more positive impact on society and culture.

The petition has received way more support than anticipated, and it’s only expected to increase as more people find out about it. Even Missy herself was honored by the thought:

Coflin plans on meeting with the town’s Mayor and the city council to further discuss the real potential of a Missy statue once he thinks there’s a substantial amount of signatures.

To make this more of a real possibility, head over to and join the movement.

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