Tune in and turn up

Don’t feel too bad if you find yourself unsettled while watching “Miracle,” the music video for the new single from rising Australian artist Kirkis; watching a corpse rise from a coffin in a church inhabited by colorful, David Lynch-ian characters would generally be considered off-putting by any measure. But if the visual airs on the side of nightmarish, the track is angelic in execution. Watch it above.

A multi-talented musician, artist and filmmaker, Kirkis is set to make a huge splash in 2017 with his upcoming debut album Vide. And if the richly-layered, meticulously lo-fi sound didn’t clue you in, the following quote he provided to us regarding “Miracle” should clue you into his weighty philosophical process, presented here in his original spelling and punctuation:

” Welcome to the new economy baby ! Your car is a taxi now. Your apartment is a hotel . Shut up . maybe we need a miracle? however before you watch this id like to contribute : Censorship is nuanced . dialogue is vital .social justice is vital . the art world does not exist in a vacuum . art has consequences . art has repercussions . art shapes experience . integrity is built by accepting constructive criticism , acknowledging wrong doing and committing to active change .fuck the kkk and fuck nazis. injoy . ”

Kirkis’s Vide is out on October 3. Pre-order it here.

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Words by Jake Boyer
Music Editor
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