In the latest episode of Most Expensivest, 2 Chainz teams up with rapper Vic Mensa to try out Topgolf's $8,000 driving range.

After trying out the most expensive marijuana-infused meal, dropping $2,500 on a cocktail and sampling a $2,000 brunch, 2 Chainz is used to a life of luxury — but this golf course is another level. The range costs $8,000 for a 2 to 3-hour game, or to put it another way, approximately $2,666.66 an hour or $44.44 a minute.

Focusing on "doing it for the 'gram," Vic Mensa gets some golfing lessons while drinking a Ciroc and Red Bull with the "bae host." Meanwhile, 2 Chainz sips on a cool glass of Riesling and manages to hit some balls despite his broken leg. Watch the hilarious video above.

Now, see 2 Chainz try a $150K bed made of horse hair.

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