We've seen him feed a $40,000 giraffe, try on $38,000 Kobe Bryant caps, sit in a $14,000 chair, smoke weed out of a $10,000 bong, and much more, all for GQ's Most Expensivest Shit series. Now, 2 Chainz is back alongside the publication, trying on some wildly expensive sunglasses with Corey Shapiro of Vintage Frames.

Chainz and Cory are certainly no stranger to one another, as the rapper reveals early on that he's probably purchased a couple hundred pairs of shades from Shapiro. Starting with a $1,500 pair, Shapiro then goes on to show Tity Boi his new arsenal, allowing him to try on select frames. The kicker here, however, is a $50,000 pair, similar to ones worn by the legendary Run-D.M.C.

In short, 2 Chainz is pretty impressed with the new selection of eyewear from Vintage Frames.

Press play above to check out his reaction.

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