With the sun finally starting to show itself, albeit modestly, this week’s set of “5 Tumblrs” features as always, beautiful women, architecture and art. The two points are unrelated but true nonetheless. Concept and color coordination reign supreme this week while gangsters are suspiciously absent. As always feel free to leave your Tumblr in the comments section below. With a bit of luck, you’ll see yours here next week.

The Burning House

A welcome break from the omnipresent three G’s, The Burning House asks visitors what they would take with them if their house were on fire. Choices range from practical things like computers and passports, to nostalgic and sentimental objects like books and clothing.

Art Comes First

The Tumblr of #menswear regulars Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, featured is an impressive collection of beautiful outfits, art, classic portraits and movie stills with a few tasteful nudes thrown in. All images are color-coordinated and set against a smooth layout for a thoroughly enjoyable visit.


Discovered via the comments section of last week’s list, bentobox features a seemingly random set of objects arranged by color. Chosen with a careful eye and infallible taste, the selection here is the kind of stuff we’d feature on Highsnobiety if we collectively read more books.


A simple collection of girls, art, architecture, celebrities and food, P-O-L-Y-V-A-L-E-N-T is the kind of stuff Michael Caine probably remembers when looking back on his remarkable life.

Haute Elements

Also seen in last week’s comments, Haute Elements is essentially what American men picture when they think of Europe – namely, old buildings and sophisticated women.

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