Doing what we do best, we tested out a series of shaving products at a range of prices and rounded up our favorites, leaving you with six shaving gels and creams to pick from.

If you're like a lot of guys we know, odds are you're still using the same drugstore shaving gel and razor that you picked up when you were 15. If you're over 20, it's probably time for an upgrade. After all, you spend a significant of time each morning scraping a razor blade along your face. You might as well make sure you're going about it the right way. With high-quality ingredients and sophisticated scents, these products listed below might just make your morning routine a treat.

Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel ($8)

If you're looking to upgrade from your standard grocery store shaving gel, this is definitely a logical step. Harry's Foaming Shave Gel does what it promises, creating a silky, heavy lather for when you really want to feel like you're shaving. To be fair, it might be too much lather for some. It smells mild and refreshing, and provides a solid shave. It also comes at a price that can't be beat.

Portland General Store Shave Cream ($12)

This shave cream from Portland General Store means business: it skips the pretty packaging and lines of witticism, and cuts straight to the product. In this case, it's a sharp-smelling, rich combination of oil and cream that essentially glues your razor to your face. The result is an incredibly smooth and close shave that leaves your skin feeling fresh and smelling great.

Ursa Major "Stellar" Shave Cream ($24)

Ursa Major's shave cream is of the non-foaming variety, but as a cream, it is incredibly easy to apply thanks to its thick, heavy consistency. While other shaving creams and low-foam gels may feel like they don't provide enough lubricant for your blade, Ursa Major's definitely provides enough cream to cushion your shave. Made with aloe, birch and sunflower, the cream's smell is mild but pleasant, and makes for a soothing and incredibly smooth shave.

L:A Bruket Shaving Cream ($35)

The laurel leaf in this shaving cream smells both heady and refreshing. For me, it also means a nostalgic invocation of cooking from the homeland, but in the best possible way. This is a shaving cream, which means it doesn't foam or produce a lather. You simply apply the cream to your face, which may initially feel weird, but it yields a smooth, close shave without the mess that can come with a heavy lather. The silky consistency of the cream makes for an excellent shaving lubricant, while leaving your skin feeling fresh and moisturized. An excellent, no-frills shave.

Grown Alchemist Shaving Gel ($49)

This shaving gel is definitely runnier and oilier than some of the other products tested. While the runny-ness can make things a little bit messy, the oil means you end up with a very close shave and a face feeling particularly moisturized. If you like foaming gels as opposed to creams, this is probably a good bet. Grown Alchemist's gel foams gently but substantially, so you definitely feel like there's solid product on your face. Between the brand name and the sage and sandalwood smell, you can tell this is a brand that takes its products seriously.

Aēsop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum ($59)

It might be because we're suckers for good packaging and unique scents, but we're fans of Aēsop at Selectism. The brand's shaving serum combines sandalwood and neroli blossom for a delicious and distinct scent. This is a low foaming serum, meaning that the clear serum turns into a thin layer of white foam after a solid lather. Don't let the dearth of visible foam fool you though; Aesop's serum will leave your face feeling fresh and hydrated. The only drawback is how much serum I felt the need to use per shave.

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