The new documentary on former NFL player Aaron Hernandez, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, premiered last night and it seems like everyone with a Netflix account took to Twitter to share their initial reactions.

The three-episode documentary examines the late New England Patriots player's life, dissecting his troubled childhood, battles with paranoia, football career, and the case surrounding his murder conviction. For those unaware, Hernandez was sentenced for first-degree murder in 2015 and given life in prison without parole. Two years later, he committed suicide in his prison cell.

Directed by Tamara Jenkins, the documentary looks at Hernandez's life through interviews with friends, former teammates, and industry insiders. Fans are calling the documentary "wild" and "sad."

Check out the trailer below and keep scrolling for the Twitter reviews.

Everyone is shook

Some are pointing out that Hernandez wasn't the first accused murdered to play in the NFL

Brain damage in the NFL has been an issue for years

Some were caught off hard by Hernandez's sexual relationships

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