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Acne Studios celebrate the work of American artist Peter Schlesinger with a clever capsule collection and retrospective book. Best known for his sculptures, Schlesinger, now in his late ’60s, works primarily in ceramics, creating organic forms decorated with lively pattern and abstract shapes. A long-time friend of Acne director Jonny Johansson, the pair have worked on numerous projects in the past, collaborating on several issues of the “Acne Paper.” This newly released two-part collection captures the essence of this ongoing partnership. A limited edition book forms the centerpiece; titled “Peter Schlesinger Sculpture” over 150 works from the ’80s onwards have been captured by photographer Eric Boman, Schlesinger’s partner of 40 years. This extensive monograph has been produced with care and attention, printed in Sweden on Japanese paper, bound in textured cloth.

Exploring Schlesinger’s print archive, the brand create wearable art in the form of a unisex pyjama collection, the artist’s favourite item of clothing. Silk robes and top and bottom separates feature bright and vivid forms from vines to classical tile patterns in a vibrant mix of reds, blues and oranges. A collection playing ode to both a great talent and a good friend, Johansson comments: “he is honest in everything he does, creating work that is both brutal and fragile, tribal and sophisticated, historical and modern, all at the same time.”

The full collection is available to buy online now while both the book and capsule will launch exclusively on April 29 at Greene Street in New York, Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles, Dover Street in London, Quai Voltaire in Paris and Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm.

Words by Lena Dystant