Acne Studios

HQStockholm, Sweden
FounderJonny Johansson

Before Acne Studios became a standalone fashion house creating timeless ready-to-wear apparel, footwear, denim, and accessories for men and women, it was a part of the creative collective ACNE, which included divisions for graphic design, film production, and advertising. In 1997, ACNE co-founder and current Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson created 100 pairs of unisex raw denim jeans with red stitching and gave them away to friends and family. Soon enough, media outlets began picking up on the popularity of Johansson’s seminal denim collection, causing ACNE to expand their fashion offerings and designs beyond denim and into complete apparel lines. By 2006, Acne Studios separated from ACNE to become its own company. Over a decade later and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods sold, Acne Studios is one of the world’s top luxury fashion brands. Where is Acne Studios for sale? Acne Studios is available on their own website, at 40 retail locations around the world including flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Tokyo. It’s currently available in 22 cities throughout the world, ranging from Antwerp to Seoul and many major cities in-between. What’s the meaning behind the Acne Studios name? Originally, the “ACNE” name was an acronym standing for “Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises,” but was later changed to “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.” Acne Studios Timeline 1996 — ACNE is co-founded by Jonny Johansson. 1997 — Johansson creates 100 pairs of raw denim jeans with red stitching and hands them out to friends and family. The jeans’ popularity gains media coverage, which compels Johansson and ACNE to make further inroads into fashion. 2006 — Acne Studios separates from ACNE to become its own standalone company. 2012 — Acne Studios releases its first book in collaboration with photographer Lord Snowdon called Snowdon Blue. They also open their first flagship store in New York City. 2014 — Acne Paper, the biannual magazine that served as the label’s only piece of advertising for nearly a decade, is discontinued. 2017 — Re-launches denim collection under the name Acne Studios Blå Konst. Opens flagship stores in Los Angeles and Milan, and another retail location in San Francisco. Acne Studios Related Articles 20 Swedish Brands Every Highsnobiety Reader Should Know 40 Scandinavian Brands You Need to Know 5 Celebrities Proving That Men Can Rock Womenswear If They Want The Most Relevant Brand of 2015 The Most Relevant Brand of 2014