American technologist Jacob Applebaum and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei share a similar distaste for bureaucratic processes at home and abroad. The duo's joint project entitled "Panda to Panda" discusses the idea of privacy in the digital age and governmental media abuse in the form of censorship and propaganda. Known for his involvement with Wikileaks, Applebaum provided highly classified documents from around the globe that made their way into stuffed panda bears after going through paper shredders. Together, the two artists placed a loaded memory card inside each of the 20 bears and sent them out to various galleries to ensure the data's safety.

In an attempt to further share the work, "Panda to Panda" will be available through Electric Objects' new EO1 digital display starting October 1st for $599. Everyone who purchases the special EO1 will receive a limited edition digital image of the art work.

Although this project will not help either artist with their ongoing investigations with the Chinese and American governments, we applaud them for their bold political statement. See the project behind the scenes in the video above.

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