Automobiles are the new streetwear status symbol. Nice watch? Cool. Rare kicks? Essential, sure. But flexing a lavishly-restored retro ride? Priceless. Aimé Leon Dore knows this, so it has rejoined German juggernaut Porsche for another spin on the automaker's timeless 911, this time restoring a 1978 Super Carrera to period-correct form, complete with stunning interior design.

The ALD 911SC, as it's known, is the product of months of design research and patient experimentation by Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis, who doesn't cut corners when it comes to clothing or cars. At least for now, the focus is on the auto instead of apparel, taking the pleasing aesthetics that have made ALD a must-know brand and running down the Autobahn.

Thanks to aid from Porsche Classic, the ALD 911SC has been restored and reassembled to period-correct form, complete with olive green factory paint job, 16" Fuchs wheels, and functional roof rack, packed with vintage basketballs and precarious wooden luggage. Finishing touches include a rear "ALD 911SC" grille badge in homage to Porsche collectors and the driving clubs that they inhabit. As nice as the exterior is, of course, the real magic lies inside.

A customized interior spares no vibey expense, swapping old school floor mats for vintage Persian rugs and restoring the seats with full-grain cowhide leather. Faded photographs strapped to the visor and a beaded driver's seat generate a whiff of sepia-toned summertime memories from bygone years. The rest of the inside is further softened by ample bouclé lining that stretches across seats, lower door panels, and even the trunk lining.

Fans will soon be able to view Aimé Leon Dore's flagship store in New York's Soho neighborhood for the weekend of May 21 and 23.

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