Akomplice has teamed up with Mexican-American artist Nacho Becerra on a special "Mi Bandera" project that showcases solidarity and respect for Mexico, its culture, and the people of Mexican heritage living in the United States.

With an emphasis on love, brotherhood and unity with Mexico, the Mi Bandera capsule stands up against the Trump administration’s general characterization of Mexican people, and celebrates the confluence of two cultures by blending traditional Mexican serape fabric with the stars of the US flag.

According to Becerra, the unique flag represents "all of the people striving to be legal in the beautiful and abundant country of the United States." In addition, a range of T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and hats are adorned with the respective flag to round out the offerings.

Furthermore, as depicted in the lookbook above, people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and walks of life are highlighted to show all the different type of people living in the U.S., exemplifying unity, as well as the stance against the actions of the current administration.

You can find the entire collection at Akomplice's online store and select retailers now.

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