Although there is only one season of FX's American Crime Story in the books - with a planned second season in the works focusing on Hurricane Katrina - the network is already greenlighting a third season of the drama which continues to be inspired by true events.

Buoyed by 10 Emmy wins - including best limited series - Ryan Murphy’s third season will focus on the shocking July 1997 assassination of legendary designer, Gianni Versace, on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion by sociopath and serial killer, Andrew Cunanan, who eight days later killed himself in a house boat.

While there is little in the way of "did he or didn't he" do it questions like in the case of O.J. Simpson's notorious trial which was spotlighted in season 1, many suspect that the show will focus on Cunanan's motives for murdering Versace despite them having little to no personal contact in the years leading up to that fateful morning.

Based on Vulgar Favors by Vanity Fair writer, Maureen Orth, the third season will shoot simultaneously with the second American Crime Story installment, Katrina, in early 2017 and air later that same year.

For more of an investigation on Gianni Versace's murder, check out our own exploration.

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