Anti Social Social Club is following its Summer 2019 collaboration with NEIGHBORHOOD with yet another joint effort, this time alongside DHL.

On the surface it might look like ASSC is late to the DHL party considering Vetements teamed up with the shipping company early last year, the joint project could very well be a way for Anti Social Social Club to once again address its controversial shipping history. The Los Angeles brand has come under fire over the years for taking an unusual amount of time to ship purchases and for generally not being transparent throughout the order fulfillment process.

The DHL logo takes center stage throughout ASSC's collection, positioned on the chest of hoodies and tees, which are available in two colorways, as well as on a black cap and yellow cushion. Anti Social Social Club's signature branding then appears on the back of the tops and on the accessories.

According to ASSC's Instagram account, the collaborative collection launches online September 25 at 11 a.m. EST.

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