Apple just unveiled the third generation of AirPods, featuring revamped sound, features, and design.

Releasing on October 26, the wireless earphones were announced at "Unleashed," Apple's second keynote event in a month.

The "AirPods 3" are essentially a cross between Apple's second-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Some notable improvements: Adaptive EQ automatically optimizes sound based on how the AirPods fit in a user's ear, and spatial audio creates a more dynamic, three-dimensional experience.

Skin-detect sensors can gauge whether the AirPods are inserted and removed from the ear, and a force sensor (similar to the one in AirPods Pro) controls audio playback.

With Audio Sharing, users can share one audio stream between two sets of AirPods while using virtually any Apple product including an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Compatible with MagSafe chargers, the earphones are also built with a longer battery life that offers up to six hours of listening and four hours of talking.

According to Apple, the third-generation AirPods are designed with the environment in mind. The case is made with recycled tin in the main logic board, and recycled aluminum comprises the hinge.

Priced at $179 and available for pre-order on Apple's website, the AirPods 3 aren't much cheaper than the AirPods Pro, which retail for $249. However, they're significantly more affordable than the AirPods Max, Apple's over-ear headphones that will set you back $549.

Somewhat surprisingly, AirPods haven't yet been introduced in colors besides white, a limited color palette that mirrors Apple's tame new MacBook flavors.

Given the buzz that accompanies the tech giant's pastel-colored iPhones and Macs, technicolor AirPods are hopefully on the horizon.

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