Apple's Project Titan, aka Apple Car, may materialize sooner than expected. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, all hands are on deck to have the company's self-driving car fast-tracked for a 2019 completion date. It was previously suggested that 2020 would be the target launch, and, as those involved have been attesting to, seems more plausible given the complexity of building a car from scratch. The report comes in light of a recent meeting Apple had with officials from California's Department of Motor Vehicles in which the tech giant sought out information regarding the state's autonomous vehicle regulations.

Earlier this year, Apple paid a visit to the GoMentum Station to determine whether or not it would serve as a suitable testing facility.

UPDATE (January 9, 2016): This week it was announced that tech giant Apple has actually registered three car related domanains:,, and The domain registrations could be further evidence that Apple is at work on something automotive-related behind closed doors. The electric vehicle project, apparently going by the name Project Titan, is the most promising rumor coming out of the tech scene, with a car possibly hitting the road as early as 2019.

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