Skydio introduced its self-flying R1 drone camera earlier this year, marketed as the first fully autonomous drone. The device features advanced automation and tracking capabilities, allowing users to control it when necessary simply by using the Skydio app. Now it's even easier to maneuver the drone thanks to an all-new Apple Watch app.

Taking advantage of the Apple Watch app, individuals can quickly instruct the R1 to follow any given person and record along the way, perform tricks, and stop mid-flight. There are no manual controls accessible via the Apple Watch, but again, the drone predominantly operates on its own. You can, however, control the device manually with the aforementioned iPhone app.

The R1 is equipped with 13 cameras that see in virtually every direction, thus identifying various objects including people, buildings, trees, and cars. This allows the drone to avoid anything in its path.

Upon setting the R1 to auto follow mode, the drone essentially flies itself, all while boasting pre-programmed features such as Boomerang that instructs it to fly forwards and backwards to capture video.

Attached to a hefty $1,999 price tag, Skydio is consistently improving the R1 by implementing new features. You can purchase the drone now at participating Apple stores, and

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