German concept designers Curved/Labs have reimagined the original Apple iMac with an education-focused makeover fit for the 21st century.

The iMac desktop launched in 1992 while Apple was still under the leadership of Steve Jobs and quickly became popular in classrooms all around the world, mainly because it offered a complete package including pre-installed Mac OS 8 software that was very easy to use.

Curved/Labs took this idea and imagined what a new, education-specific iMac would look like and what features it would boast. The result was "eMac," a model with the same specs as the latest iMac but with a 17" Retina display with 4:3 screen proportion, a front-facing dual camera for 3D capturing, scanning and imaging, an all-glass front touchscreen with stereo speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity for Apple's magic keyboard, mouse and iPencil.

Obviously this is just a concept right now, so don't be expecting this to hit the market anytime soon. You can read more about it over at (scroll down for the English version).

In other news, Apple has introduced a "Rose Gold" MacBook to its lineup.

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