Apple just dropped the latest version of iOS 11, which is sure to please some Apple users who were less than impressed by the initial update. Since its release, iOS 11 has been plagued with complaints that it makes phones slower and that it removed the useful 3D Touch feature.

Thankfully, iOS 11.1 has brought back Touch ID and hopefully will have ironed out some of the initial bugs that made the operating system run so painfully slow.

The update also includes a new security fix for the “Krack” Wi-Fi hacking vulnerability, so if you took the plunge on iOS 11, upgrading to iOS 11.1 is worth it for that feature alone. But if you needed another reason, the new release includes 70 brand-new emojis including a broccoli, takeout food box, and a pie. Browse them above.

In other Apple news, here are nine iPhone X videos you should watch before buying Apple’s shiny new device.

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