2018 has been rough for Apple to say the least. Reports of various bugs, such as the issue with taking calls on iPhone X, have dominated headlines. With its latest iOS update, however, Apple hopes to have fixed a bug that was causing iPhones to crash and making apps like Messages, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp inaccessible.

Crashes were reported when receiving an Indian language (Teluga) character, meaning anyone could send a simple character to an iPhone to crash the device and prevent the user from accessing messaging apps.

Apple has simultaneously released updates for watchOS, tvOS, and macOS to stop the crash from happening on those platforms too.

The update, iOS 11.2.6, is Apple’s third in a matter of months, as the company has proven to be proactive when it comes to trying to nip bugs, which are almost unavoidable in the smartphone industry, in the bud as quickly as possible.

For the full story, head to the original article over at The Verge.

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  • Source: The Verge
  • Main & Featured Image: ELIJAH NOUVELAGE / AFP / Getty Images

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