Apple’s most hyped keynote in years gets underway later today, with not one but three new iPhones set to be unveiled. For Apple-heads, it’s Christmas and New Years come at once. And the best news? You’ll be able to watch it all live. With it being the 10th anniversary of the aforementioned iPhone, we can safely assume the event is going to be huge; expect one or two surprises to be thrown in, too.

Find a quick round-up of everything you need to know below.

Where is it taking place?

The keynote is the first ever press event to take place at the company’s Steve Jobs Theater, part of its recently opened Apple Park “spaceship” campus in Cupertino, California. (Yep, that’s the same one Apple employees apparently hate.)

Where and when to watch

You can watch online at 10 AM PT (1 p.m in New York, 6 p.m in London, 7 p.m in Paris) via livestream on the Apple website.

To watch the stream, you’ll need a device that’s compatible with the technology (an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 will all work).

What to expect

As the iOS leak revealed the other day, the keynote will be defined by the 10th anniversary iPhone, said to be titled the iPhone X. This device, which apparently packs more storage than a 12-inch MacBook, is expected to be priced at a whopping $1199, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus only slightly cheaper.

In addition, we expect to see a new Apple Watch, complete with LTE cellular chip allowing you to make phone calls; a new, 4K video compatible, Apple TV; and another look at the HomePod, Apple’s much-talked about home speaker unit.

What surprises might be in store

There probably won’t be any groundbreaking shocks, but there’s a slim chance we may get another peep at the new iMac Pro. Don’t rule out an AirPods update, either.

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