An Italian clothing company will be allowed to continue to use the name "Steve Jobs" after winning a multi-year legal battle against Apple, reports Italian site la Repubblica Napoli.

Brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato named their clothing brand after the co-founder of Apple in 2012, after learning that Apple had not trademarked "Steve Jobs." The two brothers shared, "We did our market research and we noticed that Apple, one of the best known companies in the world, never thought about registering its founder's brand, so we decided to do it."

The Barbato brothers designed a logo resembling Apple's own, as they chose the letter "J" with a bite taken out of the side. Apple eventually sued the two brothers for using Jobs' name and a logo that mimics their own, but in 2014, the European Union's Intellectual Property Office ruled in favor of the Barbato brothers. However, Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato have not been able to go public with the case until now, as their claim on the brand was not settled until this year.

Currently, Barbatos' "Steve Jobs" brand produces bags, T-shirts, jeans, and other fashion items. In addition, they plan to produce electronic devices as well, saying, "We are working on a line of highly innovative electronic devices, projects we have been working on for years," reports Business Insider Italia.

For a further look and additional details, be sure to read the full story at Business Insider Italia.

Apple is also facing a $999 billion lawsuit for slowing down iPhones.

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