As of Friday lunchtime, 1.7m users had RSVP’d to the Facebook event ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’. That’s a lot of people supposedly planning to go and ‘see them aliens’.

And while we at Highsnobiety in no way condone trekking to a remote corner of the Nevada desert to take on the might of the American military — all in the hope of some extraterrestrial entertainment — we do always condone a well-planned ‘fit. So listen up troops! We’ve rounded up the clothing that will turn this logistical nightmare into a sartorial success, from space-age sunglasses to desert-ready YEEZY boots.

In preparation of that all-important Naruto run, a vital part of this operation, be sure to don the Ji Won Choi x adidas Originals tassel jacket, to get some speed in style.

Nervous about a frosty reception when you inevitably meet those alien beings? Rocking the PUMA CELL Alien and RS-X “Space Agency” is a surefire way to break the ice with your intergalactic counterpart. Sick sneakers are universal after all.

Now we’re not ones to be pessimistic, but if this plan to storm Area 51 doesn’t go as well as planned, Las Vegas is only about 80 miles southeast of the top-secret base. So to help you look the part if you happen to swing by Sin City, we’ve thrown in this party animal shirt by Double Rainbouu.

Scroll on for our guide of what to cop before you ‘see them aliens’.

Mesh Outdoor Vest



Tassel Jacket

Ji Won Choi x adidas Originals


Utility Vest



Metallic Shorts



CELL Alien



Mars Yard Overshoe

Tom Sachs x Nike


W P-6000



Yeezy Desert Boot Oil