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It looks like A$AP Rocky isn’t too stressed about a potentially leaked sex tape that implicated him in some fairly underwhelming lovemaking.

Flacko woke up yesterday to discover that he was trending just about everywhere. And it wasn’t for his music, his rumored relationship with Rihanna, or even his legal woes.

Rocky was swift to deny his participation in the tape. Taking to Twitter, he acted as legal counsel for his penis, which has been drawing a fair bit of criticism across the internet. Read his response below.

In 280 characters the Harlem rapper denied his involvement in the tape. He then dismissed the suggestion of “any slow strokes” on his part, citing a “long list of satisfied women” that could verify his aptitude in the bedroom. And while his satirical response was a masterclass in damage control, it doesn’t look like the internet is ready to let the story die just yet.

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