Just when you think print media has finally died, someone has to go and make a bookstore into a living, functioning piece of art. At least that’s what Shanghai design studio XL-Muse has done, building an interior to the Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore that it is touting as the most beautiful in the world.

And one would be hard-pressed to argue against them. The opening chamber of the bookstore is a decadent, white gallery of circular bookshelves made infinite through intricately laid ceiling mirrors. This leads into the next section of the store, a classic oak-paneled, chandelier-laden room that is also heightened beyond belief by artfully placed mirrors. Finally, a children’s section features shelves constructed as ferris wheels and roller coaster tracks, looking like something straight out of an acid trip.

See more of XL-Muse’s work on their website.

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