Ladies and gentleman...Halloween.

After weeks of build-up culminating in many a last-minute costume (Bella Hadid, we see you), October 31 is finally here — and some of our favorite celebrities went all-out.

Showing off their custom 'fits in full-on photoshoots, the rich and famous really hit the nail on the head, costume-wise.

No store-bought outfits here — instead, this Spooky Season saw elaborate movie character recreations, cheeky pop culture references, and even some fashion industry nods.

Behold: the best Halloween costumes of 2021.

Harry Styles as Dorothy

We're not in Kansas anymore. Styles dressed up as the Wizard of Oz hero to perform a Halloween-themed concert in New York City on Saturday night.

Rihanna as Gunna

The Bad Gal threw subtle shade at Gunna's widely mocked New York Fashion Week look, Rick Owens boots and all.

Lizzo as Baby Yoda

Lizzo as a macaroon-eating Child..what more can I say?

Vincent Ho as Miu Miu SS22

The CEO of Peter Do recreated Miu Miu's culture-shifting SS22 collection with a micro-mini skirt and hyper-cropped sweater.

Megan Thee Stallion as Cruella de Vil

Hot Girl Meg crushed her third costume of the season (see: Pinhead and Cash App) as Disney's dog-hating villain.

Janelle Monae as the Grinch

Nothing but respect for the makeup artist who pulled this off.

Lil Nas X as Voldemort

"He who must be called by your name."

Trevor Noah as The Weeknd

The talk show host transformed into The Weeknd's evil twin, The Weekday.

Robert Pattinson as nothing

From cooking sugar-covered pasta in the microwave to describing his scent as "embalmed," Pattison truly doesn't care. His unbothered attitude also applies to Halloween — and honestly, I can't be mad at it.

This Steve Harvey costume

On the right, Twitter user @T_DMilton recreated one of Steve Harvey's best zaddy-era 'fits.

Kendall Jenner as Martian Girl

Jenner may have given us nothing in her Jacquemus campaign, but this Halloween, she's everything — specifically, Martian Girl from 1996 cult classic Mars Attacks!

Lil Yachty as high fashion Yoda

Dressed in Raf Simons, Lil Yachty was a fitted out version of the Star Wars character. Don't miss the YEEZY INSLTD boots, too.

Adam Rippon as Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend

The ex-Olympian riffed on Nicki Minaj's infamous tweet immortalizing her "cousin in Trinidad," whose friend allegedly became impotent after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. "His testicles became swollen," the rapper wrote, a detail that doesn't go unnoticed in Rippon's ballsy costume.

LeBron James as Freddy Krueger

Move over, Kylie Jenner. James dunked on us with this detailed Nightmare on Elm Street homage.

Steve Buscemi as "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?"

In Brooklyn, Buscemi handed out candy dressed as his viral GIF from 30 Rock.

Cardi B as Morticia Addams

"Black is such a happy color," indeed.

Offset as Rick James

Offset got "Super Freak"-y.

Ariana Grande as the Creature from The Black Lagoon

Gotta give it up to Grande for pulling off a gender-swapped version of 1954 movie The Black Lagoon, starring herself as the fish-like Creature and her husband, Dalton Gomez, as a hunky diver.

Russell Westbrook as Chucky

You just can't keep a good guy down. Our Front Page star dressed up as the Child's Play killer, accompanied by his wife, Nina, as his evil doll bride.

Doja Cat as Ms. Sara Bellum

Doja Cat was the spitting image of the Powerpuff Girls' reclusive secretary.

Lisa as the doll from Squid Game

We may have cautioned against falling victim this year's most obvious costume, but Lisa of BLACKPINK pulled Squid Game off.

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