Not all Halloween costumes are created equal – some are definitely better than others – and how good yours ends up being depends entirely on how creative you are and how seriously you approach Halloween.

Streetwear offers an incredibly vast board to draw inspiration from, so it comes as no surprise that some of the best Halloween costumes are streetwear themed. You can dress as your favorite designer, product, brand or, as the following have done, streetwear itself.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best streetwear costumes from this year’s Halloween celebrations to help inspire you for next year.

The best way to make use of all your extra shoe boxes

The ghost – so simple, yet so effective – a classic

Halloween sorted. ? ?: @hey_reilly for Highsnobiety

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Happy Halloween!! #supremeghost @grandsoncreative

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When you can’t cop, just go to Halloween as one

Did you cop? ?:@ericwhiteback

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Inception: The BAPE Ape wearing BAPE

When you’re Team Swoosh till you die

Last one. rp: @malambert

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Who wore it better, the Ikea FRAKTA or this guy?

Halloween brazyyy ? cc: @jakefromsupreme

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The creepiest companion KAWS will ever release

Sorry one more ?☠️? @duanemclaughlin

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Supreme Pumpkin FW17

? #halloween

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In related news, Travis Scott dropped a Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection for Halloween.

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