For far too long, the world of fragrances has been divided across “masculine” and “feminine” categories. Fragrances labeled “masculine,” tended to feature musky, spicy or woody notes, while those described as “feminine” were floral and fruity, encased in eccentric, ornate bottles.

But today, where gender is no longer limited to these two categories – much like bag trends, high heels, and skirts – fragrance brands are also beginning to drop such passé gender stereotypes. Now, the offering of unisex fragrances continues to grow to the point that luxury houses such as Louis Vuitton and Thom Browne are hopping aboard.

This year, both Louis Vuitton and Thom Browne unveiled their first-ever unisex fragrance collections (you can read our review of Louis Vuitton’s here). Of course, these brands are in good company, with more offerings from brands such as Le Labo, DiptyqueCOMME des GARÇONS, and many more.

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Slow Dance Eau de Parfum


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Byredo’s latest unisex fragrance, “Slow Dance,” is inspired by the exciting yet awkward moment during a boy and girl’s first slow dance. Featuring notes of violet, vanilla, and patchouli, along with geranium and labdanum.

Voyage d'Hermes


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As the name may suggest, Hermès‘ “Voyage d’Hermès” was inspired by the concept of travel. Its fresh yet musky fragrance makes it perfect for both men and women, with notes of rose, black tea, muck, wood, and amber making this possible. Its unusual bottle was designed by Hermès’ very own Philippe Mouquet.

Fico Di Amalfi Eau De Toilette

Acqua Di Parma

from $94
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Those into energizing perfumes needn’t look any further than Acqua di Parma‘s latest eau de toilette, “Fico di Amalfi.” “Fico” is Italian for “fig,” which is one of the main notes of the fragrance. Apart from fig nectar, the eau de toilette combines notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, and citron.

Baie 19 Eau De Parfum




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When it comes to unisex fragrances, Le Labo is an obvious go-to. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, its newest perfume, “Baie 19,” is inspired by the smell of rain in the woods and features notes of patchouli, juniper, musk, and amber.



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If you love the smell of banana, this option was made just for you. Upon first encounter, Blackbird’s Y06-S smells just like a banana, however, once it settles, notes of jasmine, agarwood and milk become prevalent.

09.27.65 "Vetyver Absolute"

Thom Browne

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This fragrance is part of Thom Browne’s gender-neutral, six-piece perfume collection, all bearing serial number-like names. The fragrances from 1 to 3 are perfect for daily wear, while the other three come with more depth, making them a good fit for special occasions.

Gentle Fluidity Silver Eau De Parfum

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

from $167
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If Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s latest perfume isn’t unisex, then we don’t know what is. Called “Gentle Fluidity,” this particular fragrance was created from spicy nutmeg, ambery woods, and coriander, with the aim of lifting your mood and calming your senses.

Philosykos Eau de Toilette


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Diptyque’s unisex fragrance was inspired by a summer trip to Greece. There, the brand’s co-founders walked through a field of wild fig trees, and decided to bring back a few leaves in a little box. After some years, the leaves still smelled the same. Their latest fragrance, “Philosykos,” (“friend of the fig tree” in Greek) is a love letter to the tree.

Odeur Du Théâtre Du Châtelet


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Created by French perfumer Caroline Dumur, COMME des GARÇONS’ newest fragrance was inspired by the smell of theaters. It features ambrette, black pepper oil, and coffee aromas, as well as notes of orange blossom, cedarwood, and musk.

Functional Fragrance 100ml

The Nue Co

from $139
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The Nue Co.’s fragrance, as its name may suggest, does not only smell good — it’s functional, too. The fragrance was designed to help reduce stress, which may explain why it contains notes of palo santo — a mystical tree that grows in South America and is widely known for its purifying and stress-relieving properties.


Henry Rose

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Launched this year, Henry Rose is the brand of actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Describing its unisex fragrances as “100% transparent,” Henry Rose’s first release features “FOG,” a light perfume featuring vetiver wood and soft musk notes — a light, fresh option for men and women alike.

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