For far too long, the world of fragrances was distinctly divided by “masculine” and “feminine” identities. Fragrances labeled “masculine,” tended to feature musky, spicy or woody notes, while those described as “feminine” were floral and fruity, encased in eccentric, ornate bottles.

But in today’s landscape, where gender lines continue to blur, just like bag trends, high heels, and skirts in the fashion world, fragrance brands are quickly dropping these passé gender stereotypes. Now, more and more fragrance houses are offering unisex fragrances featuring notes that aren’t defined by masculinity or femininity, to the point that even luxury houses such as Louis Vuitton are jumping on the unisex fragrance bandwagon.

Just a few weeks ago, the French fashion house unveiled its first-ever unisex fragrance collection (which we reviewed here), featuring three scents created by French perfumer Jacques Cavalier Belletrud — “Sun Song,” “Cactus Garden,” and “Afternoon Swim.”

Of course, LV is in good company on the gender-neutral fragrance front, with more offerings by brands such as Le Labo, Diptyque, COMME des GARÇONS, and even a collab between OFF-WHITE and Byredo.

Scroll on to peep all our favorite unisex fragrances.


Henry Rose


Launched this year, Henry Rose is the brand of actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Describing its unisex fragrances as “100% transparent,” Henry Rose’s first release features FOG, a light perfume featuring vetiver wood and soft musk notes — a light, fresh option for men and women alike.

Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum



Diptyque’s Fleur de Peau is a tribute to the love between two Greek mythical figures, Psyche and Heros. The unisex fragrance features soft musk notes, as well as highlights of iris and ambrette seed.




As its name may suggest, COMME des GARCONS’ new perfume comes with overwhelmingly woody scents, though without being too masculine. The earthy fragrance also features notes of cedarwood and sandalwood that’ll linger on your skin all day long.


2787 Perfumes


Founded in 2015, 27 87 Perfumes is a brand based out of Barcelona, Spain. Its new fragrance #hashtag is the perfect blend of woody and fresh aromas, with notes of aldehydes, violet, and iris, as well as frankincense, cedarwood, and musk.

Elevator Music Eau de Parfum

Off-White x Byredo


This unisex fragrance is part of a collaborative project between Ben Gorham and Virgil Abloh, which also included denim jeans, T-shirts, and bags. Inspired by elevator music, the perfume features top notes of bamboo and violet, as well as ambrette, jasmine, and burned wood aromas.

Italian Leather

Memo Paris


Are you obsessed with the smell of leather? Well, now you can smell like it. Luxury fragrance label Memo Paris has recently unveiled an Italian leather-inspired perfume, which features oil of green tomato leaf among its notes, as well as vanilla, and, you guessed it, leather.

Scent One: Hinoki

COMME des GARÇONS x Monocle


This unisex fragrance comes as part of a collab between COMME des GARÇONS and lifestyle magazine Monocle, and was inspired by the tubs at the Tawaraya, Kyoto’s most exclusive ryokan.

Vetiver Insolent Eau de Parfum

Miller Harris


Inspired by India and Haiti’s vegetation, Miller Harris’ new unisex perfume is both fresh and smoky at the same time. Named Vetiver Insolent, the fragrance comes with notes of vetiver and smoky resin, as well as black pepper, bergamot, and cardamom.