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Although we were all given fair warning, it seems the internet was not at all prepared for Beyoncé‘s Homecoming Netflix documentary and accompanying live album. Since her 2014 self-titled visual album, we’ve come to expect music releases from Beyoncé to be earth shattering events rather than your run-of-the-mill album drop. It seems Homecoming was no exception, with members of the Beyhive eschewing sleep in favor of watching the film when it released on April 17 at midnight PST.

Beyoncé’s fans are some of the most dedicated and outspoken people out there, and their social media reactions to Homecoming did not disappoint. Check out our roundup of the best reactions below.

She dropped an album of songs we’ve already heard… but we’re not mad about it.

As is to be expected, there were some crazy reactions to Homecoming.

For those who stayed up to watch it the night it dropped, it was worth the sleep deprivation.

Once again, Bey makes sure to lift up her community.

Unsurprisingly, many found the film to be incredibly inspiring.

Here’s hoping Bey gets credit where credit is due!

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