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While most people are daydreaming about vacation plans in a few months, Bianca Valle is tackling life day by day (or quarantini by quarantini as she calls it). On this episode of ‘Vibe Check,’ host Jian DeLeon checks in with the certified holistic nutritionist and model to hear about the pandemic from the perspective of someone thriving with the slower lifestyle. Bianca drops specific advice from diet management to how needs differ from person to person, just as it should be with the quarantine life in general.

While things are really picking up for Bianca’s nutrition book, her project has also been hit with cancelations. Meanwhile, Bianca’s seeing clients approach her for advice during a time when people are stocking up on everything they can get their hands on.

The below interview is a transcribed version of ‘Vibe Check.’ It has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Bianca Valle: So it’s a really delicate balance, and there’s no right or wrong, especially because some people can only get imperishables because they’re cheap, and buying kale that’s going to last you four days in the quarantine may not seem like the best idea. But I do urge people to really go out of the panic mode and reach for oranges, lemons, apples, and eggs and just fresh produce, because these things are the foods that are packed with vitamins that support the immune system. Ginger, potatoes, and another thing that’s really important is that people may not be searching for variety, but because they’re in a panic, and if we eat the same foods for three days in a row, we’re really missing out on the opportunity to sustain ourselves with different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Jian DeLeon: One thing I’ve been big on in the past couple of months especially has been smoothies, and so obviously I have my go-tos of blueberries, strawberries, bananas. But one thing I was just thinking about, obviously in this time buying groceries, is you don’t have to buy fruit that’s pre-frozen. You can buy fresh fruit and then it lasts longer if you freeze it, especially if you’re going to use it in like, the way of a smoothie, right?

BV: Yeah. 100%. I think also another kind of toxic mindset is limiting yourself. Try and go about your grocery shopping as normal without too much panic mentality. Also, this notion of alcohol and coffee. Since we’re moving less because we’re in quarantine, there’s less of a need for caffeine. It’s very stressful on the immune system if you drink too much caffeine and don’t move. And then at night if you drink alcohol and don’t have time or the wherewithal or energy to metabolize it very well, because we’re stuck in our little homes, it creates kind of this restlessness in the immune system. So that’s also something to be mindful of.

Bianca shares tips on implementing theory into practice, including bringing new foods such as quinoa and black rice into your diet to introduce different nutrients for strengthening your immune system even more (7:04). Cutting down on carbs, protein, and processed foods while loading up on greens is the way to go. Remember: greens, beans, nuts, and seeds. Rather than completely adopting new dietary practices, Bianca suggests that every individual does some personal introspection.

JD: So a lot of things you hear about, too, in terms of meal planning, is that you really want to aim for those six square meals a day. I hear a lot about grazing too, where you’re just sort of taking maybe seven almonds on one part and then a handful of grapes in another hour of the day. How should people be eating to sort of maximize the energy that they’re getting throughout the day?

BV: My biggest piece of advice, and this goes for good, for wellness in general, just being well, is to look inwards. Listen to your own body. If you’re hungry, eat a little something. If you’re not hungry, why on earth would you eat? This mindless eating is really going to get us in a pickle right now during the quarantine times and social distancing.

From HIIT, Kirsty Godso, and Joe Holder workouts to matching Ricky Thompson’s dance moves, Bianca is all for taking advantage of the at-home solutions offered via IGTV and YouTube. Look on the bright side, embrace the comfort of your own home, and listen to lots of Janet Jackson (11:30).

JD: What are your tips for how to work from home and motivate yourself to get in an office mindset even though you sort of just wake up and you’re already at the office, so to speak?

BV: My motto is to just always try and look at the bright side. You know what I mean? Like, we’re so lucky that we’re in the comfort of our own homes. We have music, we have WiFi, we have running water, we have access to lots of fun things. So it’s a matter of just staying calm, enjoying this chapter, and just reminding ourselves that things can be worse in a way, keeping it in perspective.

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