Binging with Babish is back with a Breaking Bad special episode, this time taking on no less than three of the iconic show’s most famous “dishes.”

First up are the dipping sticks Walter White brings over to his wife’s house during the infamous pizza-on-the-roof scene (which you can check out below). Then Babish takes on Gus Fring’s paila marina, before finishing with what is perhaps the most famous TV show drug of all time: Mr. White’s blue crystal meth – this time in candy-form.

If you don’t care about the breadsticks and the paila marina, you can skip right to the candy crystal meth at 4:50 in the video above.

Next, check out this slick animation that shows all of ‘Breaking Bad’ in just a minute.

  • Main & Featured Image: Binging with Babish / YouTuve

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