black grapefruit
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Last year, Black Grapefruit had us salivating with their exquisite All My Relations album. The project served as the perfect palette cleanser during a summer full of jam packed releases and even though it satisfied all of our experimental pop needs at the time, we’ve been starving for more ever since. Today, we’re thrilled to be premiering “Crypt Keeper,” the lead single off the duo’s forthcoming album titled Fade/Forget.

“We made this record during a time of intense transition,” Black Grapefruit told us in an email.” It’s rare that the two of us can write from the exact same perspective at the exact same time, but the stars really aligned with this one. It’s one of the first songs we’ve been able write in the thick of an emotion rather than from a place of reflection and, yes, we happened to be really indulging with marijuana during its inception.”

Whether you’re smoking a joint, burning some sage, or lighting a candle, Black Grapefruit understands your state of mind and knows exactly how to take the edge off. Channel that restorative energy by streaming the full single below.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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