Netflix's most ambitious film to date, Bright, has certainly been the lighting rod since it was released in late December. Most notably, critics have absolutely eviscerated the Will Smith project. Even those outside of the movie business - like Chance the Rapper - have lambasted the orc-laden drama for allegorical racism.

Despite the negative response, Netflix has stated that 11 million people watched Bright during its opening weekend. By comparison, Stranger Things 2 got 14.8 million views in the same time period - suggesting that the Rotten Tomatoes aggregated critical ranking of only 28% didn't deter viewers.

Thus, the streaming service has officially greenlit a sequel with all principal parties returning - including Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, and David Ayer. The most notable omission is screenwriter, Max Landis, who is being replaced by Ayer.

While there is no news as to a timeframe or a plot for the follow-up, here's hoping it is more universally acclaimed the second time around.

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