If the hairs on the back of your arms stand up at the sight of a new font or you're known to use the term duo-tone in casual conversation, then the British Rail Corporate Identity Manual is for you.

It is being reissued by London-based graphic designer Wallace Henning, and Henning makes the perfect choice to helm this ambitious project considering his passion for British rail design. This interest was sparked by his graduate research work investigating an identity for a re-nationalized transport network in Britain.

The meticulously researched book commemorates the whole of the British rail system. From the creation of the iconic "double-arrow" logo to images of employee uniforms, it's all covered in a clothbound, foil-blocked book. The Kickstarter-funded tome is also rich with information including a foreword by Michael C. Place, creative director and founder of Build.

The introduction was penned by Tony Howard, former head of design at British Rail. James Greenfield, creative director and founder of Koto, also took the time to write an essay for the book.

The edition hasn't gone to print yet, but look out for it soon.

Words by boice-Terrel Allen for Selectism 

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