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Ingo Stockholm

Burger King has trolled McDonald’s once again, this time mocking its rival’s iconic Big Mac.

Following McDonald’s legal defeat earlier this month, in which the fast-food chain lost its Big Mac trademark in the EU, Burger King unveiled a menu titled “The Not Big Macs.”

The marketing stunt was created by Burger King’s Stockholm-based creative agency Ingo and is the latest in a long line of shots the company has fired at McDonald’s.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s went to court against Irish fast food chain Supermac’s, claiming it was an infringement of their Big Mac trademark. The EU Intellectual Property Office ultimately determined that McDonald’s had not proven genuine use of the phrase “Big Mac,” costing them their trademark in the EU.

Burger King used that as a chance to rename some items on a specially created menu. The following were the pick of the bunch:

The Like a Big Mac, But Actually Big
The Kind of Like a Big Mac, But Juicier and Tastier
The Burger Big Mac Wished It Was
The Anything But a Big Mac
The Big Mac-ish But Flame Grilled of Course

As Ingo is based in Stockholm, the “Not Big Mac” menu looks to be a Sweden-exclusive marketing stunt.

At the time of writing, McDonald’s have yet to respond to the trolling.

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