Google just launched a new video-based Q&A app called “Cameos,” and it’s only available on iOS via the App Store.

Similar to Reddit’s popular AMA “Ask Me Anything” interview platform, the Cameos app essentially gives celebrities and public figures the chance to answer questions about themselves over video, addressing fans in their own voice, instead of leaving the answers up to other websites.

Anyone can download the app (here), and requires access to be granted once it’s downloaded. Celebrities who gain access can browse the Internet’s “top questions” asked about them, choose which ones they want to answer, and record a video of their response.

In addition, Cameos highlights a “stay relevant and fresh” mantra, as the app will push celebrities with new questions and searches to ensure that their Google-related content will be up to date, and leave out any potential misinformation provided from other websites sourced from a Google search.

For more details, check it out on the App Store now.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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