Cardi B performing
Getty Images / Prince Williams / Wireimage

A remix Cardi B‘s coronavirus panic post has gone viral and now she’s after royalties.

“At this point I want royalties,” she tweeted earlier this week, responding to a video of the song (ironically, given the context) being played in a nightclub.

The remix came about after Cardi took to Instagram last week to warn fans about the threat of coronavirus in rather animated fashion.

“A lot of you motherfuckers think it’s a joke like I was thinking, right? Just because you think you’re immune to it, guess what? Your pocket ain’t, bitch,” she said.

“A lot of shit comes from motherfucking China, bitch. So if you’re wondering why your motherfucking weave or your Fashion Nova motherfucking packages haven’t arrived, guess what, bitch? Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, shit is real. Shit is getting real. Bitch, I’m scared.”

After a portion of Cardi’s video became a meme, DJ iMarkkeyz took the opportunity to cash in on the moment by adding an instrumental to the Cardi’s screams. The track eventually ended up on streaming services and has been climbing the charts ever since. Cardi herself even began promoting the song on her social media, before ultimately asking for royalties.

Not NYC, not LA.