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Frequent consumers of pop culture will remember a comedic run of commercials from Old Spice, which featured the manliest of men providing practical advice to other manly (Old Spice-wearing) men. These wildly successful advertisements were conceptualized by global agency Wieden + Kennedy. Now, two former employees of the company’s Portland branch have ventured on to pursue their own creative endeavors. Megan McGinley and Max Erdenberger founded a design and storytelling consultancy firm called Central Office.

Aside from a client list that includes Rapha North America and Nike Room 72, they have most recently helped in the development of a product called Wahlr, a clever modular shelving unit, designed in partnership with The Athletic Community. Dubbed a “universal wall system,” the unit offers pegboard shelving panels and a variety of shelves and boxes in which to hang and store belongings. Each and every system is handmade in the US. Have a look at the system here and order it online.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland