Hanesbrands, the parent company of streetwear icon Champion, has filed a lawsuit against Maxima Apparel Corp for what it calls a “deliberate effort to trade on [Champion’s] fame and goodwill and to damage the valuable trademark rights.”

As explained by industry resource The Fashion LawMaxima Apparel Corp owns a brand called Hudson Outerwear, which has been riffing on Champion’s iconic “C” logo, with pieces that read “gangster,” “chapo,” and “stacks.” Champion further accuses Maxima of running a “parasitic business model that trades off of the goodwill and prestige of famous brands, like the Champion brand, by distributing and selling apparel that blatantly infringes the trademarks that symbolize those brands to consumers.”

A quick browse of the Hudson web store also reveals pieces that bear more than a passing resemblance to BAPE, Supreme x The North Face, Supreme x Vanson Leathers, Fear of God, and Kenzo.

Hudson Outerwear isn’t the first brand to produce bootleg “homages” to streetwear brands, and it almost certainly won’t be the last. Back in 2013, Supreme sued Married to the Mob for its “Supreme Bitch” parody tees, and the same year Hedi Slimane pulled Yves Saint Laurent’s clothing from colette after the store sold “Ain’t Laurent Without Yves” parody tees, which mocked Slimane’s controversial rebranding of the Parisian house.

For more on Champion, here’s how Supreme helped bring the brand back into the spotlight.

Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin