chance the rapper comedian
Getty Images / Tommaso Boddi

It looks like we’re going to have to re-dub Chance the Rapper “Chance the Stand-Up Comedian” soon if his Tuesday night set at Chicago’s Laugh Factory is going to become a regular thing.

The performance was a spontaneous one, Chance explained on Instagram when sharing a video of his time on stage. He explained that initially he’d been seated in the audience before the night morphed into an open-mic situation. As it turns out, performing comedy is something the artist has always wanted to do but understandably he’d been a little weary.

“After the show was over they had an open mic and my wife gassed me into doing 3 minutes,” Chance captioned the post. “I had a lil heckler try to cut into my jokes but I made it through and conquered a fear of mine. Moral of the story, getchu somebody thats gone gas you, and then take them on dates (more often).”

Watch a clip of his performance in the video post below.

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