DIESEL announced its new fashion project, DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR, which will release upcoming capsule collections each by a different designer, focused on reuse and sustainability. DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL is the first in the series, partnering with 55DSL, the brand’s sporty sublabel from the ‘90s.

The summer capsule collection comprises new pieces made out of recombined deadstock from the Italian brand’s archive. In the spirit of 55DSL’s very name, the collection will have a limited run: exactly 5,055 pieces.

The collection’s pieces intentionally look stitched together: overlapping logos, two washes of jeans combined into one, or checkered shirts with pockets from a different print. This appearance of remixing and sampling old material animates the overall collection’s design philosophy, which is both political and aesthetic. It aims to infuse energy into sustainable practices in the fashion industry while rejuvenating iconic products from the brand’s archive with new interpretations.

Each piece in the DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL collection will have a QR code that can be scanned, leading users to a landing page with details about the garment’s construction, as well as the manufacturing processes used.

The DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR project ushers in a new future for the denim brand, who are putting a concerted effort into redirecting their strategies towards responsible living, integrity and standing up for the planet.

The inaugural DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL collection will be presented tomorrow, Feb 22, 2020, during Milan Fashion Week. The event which is open to the public will feature a live demonstration of seamsters making garments at the event. Join us at the address below:

Piazza San Babila 1/3 Milan, Italy 2 till 6 PM

DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL is available on diesel.com from Feb 22.

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