DJI this week introduces its all-new Spark drone, designed for everyone to use, no matter your skill level.

The palm-sized gadget retails for a low $499 USD, as the manufacturer is marketing Spark as a “story-telling” product. They ultimately want you to take the drone with you virtually everywhere you go and incorporate it into your life.

Spark is capable of taking off and landing directly in your hand with very little effort, all while featuring gesture-based control. Oh, and if you're looking for some hands-free action, the device can do that too thanks to its selfie function, of course allowing you to snap a photo of yourself at a moment's notice.

You can make use of a smartphone app for more advanced maneuvers that will utimately send Spark off in a number of patterns. In addition, you can edit videos on the go with the convenient Go 4 app.

Spark is capable of reaching speeds up to 31 miles per hour, all while featuring a 3D sensing camera, GPS/Glonass and an on-board vision positioning system that aids in keeping the rig stable. The HD camera is then 12MP, as you can in turn charge the drone courtesy of a microUSB port.

Starting at $499 USD, you can pre-order DJI's new Spark drone today.

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